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DEPOSIT for 2023 commission spots -


Model horses completed by The Studio at Merrie-Meade Farm are custom painted to your specifications using a combination of high quality airbrushed & hand painted oils, airbrushed & hand painted acrylics, pure pigments, and colored pencils.


Patterned color Traditional scale commissions are $465

+ patterned colors are defined as: any basic body color, dapples if desired, leg markings extending past knees/hocks, any facial markings, body markings including pintos and appaloosas, as well as extensive dappled greys

+ not currently accepting heavily spotted appaloosas or extreme roany sabino/overos

+ prepping is NOT included

+ oversized models are subject to an additional $50 charge

2023 Traditional Scale Commission DEPOSIT - Patterned Color

  • + This is for your BOOKING DEPOSIT ONLY. Balance and return shipping/insurance will be invoiced to you upon completion of your model.


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