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Custom Haired Equus Maximus Resin

I have decided to offer up my haired Equus Maximus resin - he currently has to be packed away in a tub because I don't have anywhere to display his big honkin' badonkadonk, and that's just no way to live. So he's hoping to find a new, more spacious pasture to call home!

Please send final offer to by 10pm EST Saturday May 21st

Custom Haired EM Resin For Sale

This rather enormous guy was completed originally by me more than ten years ago (!), though he has gotten a few updates along the way, including new hair within the past few years. Sculpted by Kathy Bogucki, and painted/haired by Amanda Dionne, he was completed with airbrushed and handpainted acrylics, inks, and pastels, and his current 'do was done in a combination of mohair, silk fibres, and yak (crazy right?! but it's actually one of my favorites to hair with).


He was probably shown at one point, but I really couldn't tell you exactly...and he definitely hasn't been shown since he had his hair redone, as I haven't managed to make it to a show in years now. 

Now at this point, I've mentioned his size more than once and it's no joke, he's a bigg'un! With his base, he stands 13.6 inches from base bottom to ear tip, and is 13 inches from nose to tail. So just keep that in mind as far as shipping costs go [and displaying, lol]. 

***unfortunately at this time I am not shipping sales pieces internationally (only within the US) - I need to familiarize myself with the new customs and packaging regulations before I resume***

Current Offers

Starting Offer @ $300