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        AED Photography springs from a desire to capture the beautiful moments in peoples lives, whether on their wedding day or at any other special event, and to help create lasting memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.

My name is Amanda Dionne, and together with my husband Jeremy Urquhart, we share a passion for a beautiful picture. I started out decades ago, shooting everything and anything with T-Max 400 film and the precious Minolta my father passed along to me. Every teaching opportunity was eagerly devoured and throughout high school and college, if I wasn't at the barn, I could probably be found in a dark room at one of the local universities. While I don't often shoot in film anymore, it's still terribly rare to see me go anywhere without one of my cameras in tow (and now that he has his own personal trusty Nikon, Jeremy has begun to follow suit).

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Email:                                   Phone:  518-227-5147

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