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Put down your deposit for a 2024 commission spot, and SAVE 10%!

- total commission cost is $292.50 (10% off of $325), remaining balance of $146.25 plus return shipping will be invoiced upon completion


Model horses completed by The Studio at Merrie-Meade Farm are custom painted to your specifications using a combination of high quality airbrushed & hand painted oils, airbrushed & hand painted acrylics, pure pigments, and colored pencils.


Solid color Classic scale commission booking:

+ solid colors are defined as: any basic body color, dapples if desired, leg markings not to extend past knees/hocks, any facial markings

+ prepping is NOT included

SALE! 10% off Classic Scale 2024 Commission Deposit, Solid Colors

$162.50 Regular Price
$146.25Sale Price
  • + Basic (seam removal, logo removal, minor pin hole filling) and more extensive (ie. second quality casts - sprue removal, bubble filling, massive seam removal, minor resculpting, etc) prepping is offered separately, and is NOT INCLUDED in the booking cost.

    + The model "body" is not included, though I can assist you in finding one to suit your needs at cost.

    + Large Traditional scale/oversized models are subject to ad additional $50 fee.

    + Currently booking for  winter/spring 2023

    + Specific turn around times are not offered due to ongoing supply issues, however, if you would really like a model completed by a certain date, you are welcome to let me know (though I won't make any guarantees, I will certainly do my best to accomodate reasonable requests).

    + I DO NOT send in progress photos or unsolicited updates. However, you are welcome to email me at to periodically check in.

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