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Will it be a grey? A chestnut? A bay? You won't know until it arrives!

Mystery models are all simple repaints (ie. no extra carving/repositioning/resculpting) in REALISTIC colors.


These are customs on Breyer's Arabian Stallion mold in Classic scale, originally sculpted for the company by Maureen Love, prepped, customized and hand painted by Amanda Dionne. They have had any seams/imperfections removed, and was prepped with long lasting compatible primer before painting. Their color was completed in a variety of mixed media, including high quality artist oils, acrylics, pastels, and dry pigments, with acrylic details added for eyes, markings, and hooves. They have been thoroughly sealed in many layers to a matte satin finish, and eyes, hooves and nostrils have been glossed for realism and extra protection. All models are signed and dated on the underside of their belly [and/or base].



Custom MYSTERY CL Breyer Classic Arabian Stallion

  • THIS MODEL IS CLASSIC SCALE [approx. 1:12]

    Models customized and painted by The Studio at Merrie-Meade Farm (formerly Ragwood Acres Studio)/Amanda Dionne have competed successfully in NAN qualifying shows, and the North American Nationals itself, with Top Tens, as well as Grand and Reserve Championships. 

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